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The wrap collection is inspired by the air that flows around us and envelops us in it. It is the transformation of the elusive into the graspable. It records the flowing motion in a real object. It celebrates matter in its most precious form, in gold, which gives us another dimension of experience.

Drops of Sparkle

Drops of Sparkle collection was developed by Lenka in our Prague studio with her signature stone setting technique to ensure the light finding its way for a perfect radiance of diamonds while making sure each piece is comfortable to wear. The collection is inspired by natural clusters that appear in nature. The arrangement of the stones resembles movement and growth.


Fusion is a combination of matter and glitter. It celebrates the movement that is recorded in the shapes of hand-shaped gold and at the same time the movement of light that radiates from the brilliant cut of diamonds. The light of the stones penetrates or surrounds the moving gold and together they dance an impressive dance.