Fusion Diamond ring No. 02 — Ring

FUSION is the combination of matter and glitter. It celebrates the movement in the forms of hand-shaped gold and, at the same time, the motion of light that radiates from the brilliant cut of diamonds. The light of the stones penetrates and surrounds the moving gold, and together, they perform an impressive dance.


Lenka’s creative way of working with gold by sculpting it allows her to make expressive shapes. The game of light and shadow, which is backed by the glow of diamonds, is simply a charming experience.


Three ways fusion ring is a statement symbol of the earth, water and the sky. Earth – where we came from, water – what we’re going through and the sky- where we’re headed. The ring at the back is narrower for comfort.




Material: 18k gold (AU 750/1000)
Stones: natural diamonds (VVS1/E)
Carats: 0,27ct
Weight: approx. 8,10g
Dimensions: 23 mm x 19 mm

Handmade in Prague

Delivered with certificate

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