Small Circle Diamond ring No. 01 — Ring

DROPS OF SPARKLE collection was developed by Lenka Kerlicka in her Prague studio. Lenka’s goldsmith roots date back to 1796 but she brings new and fresh way how to create and use gold.


After a long process she developed her signature stone setting technique where she ensures that the light finds its way directly to a stone for a perfect radiance of diamonds. The collection is inspired by natural clusters that appear in nature. The arrangement of the stones resembles movement and growth and organic shapes of gold amplify the natural feel.


Our Circle Ring symbolizes tranquility, infinity and family circle. Wear on your finger to remind you of what is important and sometimes incomprehensible whenever you do something.




Material: 18k gold (AU 750/1000)
Stones: Natural diamonds VVS1/E
Carats: 0,23ct
Weight: approx. 1,98g
Dimensions: approx. 10 mm

Handmade in Prague boutique

Delivered with a certificate

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