Wrap Statement gold ring No. 01 — Ring

WRAP collection is inspired by the air that flows around us and envelops us within it. It’s the transformation of the elusive into the intelligible. The collection’s designs capture flowing motion and present them in a tangible object. Wrap celebrates matter in its most precious form, gold, which provides us with another dimension of experience.


The technique that allows Lenka to record movement with gold is based on working with sculpting jewelry wax and hand grinding. By shaping fine details, it creates a unique form that fits comfortably on the body.


Statement wrap ring was designed to honor our connection to everyday life. Let us always dream big, accomplish our goals while enjoying the current and known.




Material: 18k gold (750/1000)
Weight: approx. 25g
Height: 35 mm

Handmade in Prague

Delivered with a certificate

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